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These testimonies are from students helped through The Josephine Wambui Kimori Scholarship Fund which has now been registered as AMSHA Foundation Inc. 

Am Josephine Wambui Mwangi.

I applied for the scholarship in May 2016.
My parents’ financial background was poor and were not able to take me to any higher institution.
Second, I had passed well in my KCSE and I felt I had the potential to go to a higher level of education.

I studied in Zetech University, (Kenya)

My main area of study was Tourism management. It included the study of foreign language ie: French, Public relations, Customer care and Communication skills among others.

Currently am working with a tour company in Nairobi, which has exposed me to more learning and challenges that need solutions, which have made me to become a critical thinker.

My future aspiration is to become a role model and to be able to inspire the young generation. I also aspire to become a tour ambassador and make an impact in the tourism industry.

My experience has really helped me to grow spiritually. I have really grown strong in faith and to wait upon the Lord and not question his doings.

As a woman, have faced many challenges. The environment is not friendly at all. Nobody want to see a lady standing on her own. They will do anything to bring someone down. This experience has made me to become a strong and courageous woman, even outside working environment.

In Kenya, where we have many tourism attractions, advertising them to other nations is how I see myself contributing to the nation. I am also a member of the Anglican Church of Kenya, St Matthew in Juja, and I am a member of praise and worship team. Singing, which is a talent, is a great way of contributing to Gods kingdom.


A Testimony by Samuel Kuria

Name: Samuel Kuria

P.O Box 10282-00400, Nairobi, Kenya


Cell: 0724108815

Age: 24 years           

Samuel Kuria: I was born in November 24th 1988 and was raised at Eastland’s, Jericho estate, as the fifth born in a family of 12. I joined Ofafa Jericho primary school in 1994 and after completing my KCPE in 2003; I joined Dagoretti High school and cleared my form 4 in 2007. Soon after I joined Daystar University and did a short course on editing skills which landed me as an intern in Daystar in the research and publications department, as a research assistant as they were publishing a book for Nairobi Baptist when they were celebrating 50 years.

All this time my main issues was school fees regarding that in high school its only in form 1 that I was not sent home because of fee balances.

My main goal after my education is to engage myself in charity. In my 3 years in Daystar Athi River campus I have done charity events namely:

  • No bread: this is a charity event that we were doing twice every year to help students who could not get food to eat
  • Daystar resource mobilization event: this was an event that was organized by Daystar University to mobilize money for students who were not able to get school fees. I was the mc for the Sunday part as the event was running the whole weekend stating from Friday.
  • Duremo concerts: I was among the organizing team for the DUREMO (daystar university resource mobilization) a students’ initiative to help our own people who were struggling with school fees

With this I have been and will always want to engage into helping people and God willing I am planning to pursue a master’s degree in peace and conflict management.


Daystar University – 4th year, graduating 2013

Sponsor: self-sponsored

Since the time I joined Daystar University I have not had a permanent job, I have been doing businesses. Selling clothes, performing comedy, being a middleman being hired in video shoots, and all this money going to my school fees. In 2012 I got a job as a comedy creative director with Protel Studios ltd where after doing the job for 4 months it just ended prematurely and I was forced to go back to the businesses that I was doing. By the time my job ended I had a fee balance of ksh101, 000 that I did not manage to clear. When I came this semester, my invoice was reading ksh98, 000 which I have not been able to raise too. In effect to this my friends and I planned to do a fundraising on the 28th of April 2013 and managed to raise ksh20,000 only. Am hereby taking this opportunity to ask if you can assist in any way for me to be able to get through my education


  • video producer (with ability to handle and operate different cameras e.g. canon 7D, 5D, Sony Z7 and also video editing with final cut pro, with experience of two years
  • Sound production (recording and editing),
  • I am an experienced creative director (for 4 years) with an ability to nurture and development creativity
  • A standup comedian, with eloquence in officiating events and ceremonies.
  • I am an event’s organizer with public relations skills having organized major events at college and corporate levels.
  • Skilled project manager with a success of propelling a start- up program to an award winning show (best comedy show in Kalasha awards),
  • Experienced photographer and photo editor with the ability to handle and use adobe light room software.
  • Resource mobilization for needy people and for charity.


2008 – Research assistant (Daystar University Research and Publication Department)

2008-2009 – Personal Employment

  • Selling cards during major events and public holidays (Valentines, Christmas)
  • A middle man in selling and buying vehicles and other assets for commission
  • Part time comedian (Churchill live) on commission or work done

2010 – Standup comedian and part time casual dealer in casual clothes.

2010 – 2011 – Part time land sale middle man

  • Sold a onetime piece of land that earned high commission

Jan 2012 – Oct 2012 – Laugh Out Loudly Standup Comedy by Protel Studios, Westlands – K24

  • Worked as a creative director since start of the project.
  • Helped to develop new comedians for Kenyan audience.
  • The success of the program led to increase of commercials hence revenues during airing. The program also won the best standup comedy at Kalasha Awards.

0ct 2012 – Todate – Freelance photographer

  • Takes photos during events and functions whenever contracted.

In effect to the school fees Problem I did a fundraising event on the 27th April 2013 but I just managed to collect ksh 10,000 only.

A Testimony by Monica Riungu

My name is Monica Riungu. I am the 3rd born of a family of 5. I have

4 brothers and I was born and raised in Nairobi. I grew up in a Christian home. I also attended Christian based primary and Secondary school. My parents separated when I was 6 years old and my mother did the most of our rearing.

I cleared secondary school in the year 2009. I got a C plain. I had no plans of attending any institution of higher education because there were no funds. My mum was retrenched in 2002 from her job. Life was hard, given that my brothers were also in school and my mum is the only bread winner.

A family friend (Mr. Ekambi), who works in Daystar University, showed Interest and offered to pay for my school fees at Daystar. I joined Daystar University in August 2010 doing a Diploma in Community

Development, but after one semester (January 2011) he decided not to pay my fees. I had to drop out of school. All hope was lost for me, and all my Schooling dreams ended there. But God was faithful. That even in the despair, I still hoped and believed in Him. I never knew how, but I Knew deep down, God would come through for me.

I got a job as a shop assistant and I worked for 10 months. I had to leave that job because the lady I worked for was abusive, verbally.

While at that job, I used to Google search “scholarships” and that’s how I got to learn about Dr. Mary Muchiri and the Josephine Wambui Kimori Scholarship Fund. I e-mailed her and we talked about my Situation. We met and spoke in person and she told me she would meet with the committee and consider me, and she surely did.

In 2014 August, am back in school to clear my Diploma. I am really grateful for another chance. A second chance at education, a hope and a privilege to reach greater heights and achieve my dreams.

I am really thankful to God. It’s not my doing, but His hand. I have seen God’s love, grace and mercies in my life and I can testify to His goodness and favor upon my life. I am a people person. I interact with them well, hence my course. I am also in Doulos (a servant leadership group in school) and I get to meet many different people.

It’s with deep gratitude and appreciation that I thank all who are giving towards my education through The Josephine Wambui Kimori Scholarship Fund. May God bless the works of your hands and bless your giving hearts abundantly. I am humbled and motivated to do my best in school and in life and to be a disciple of Christ; that I will not shine, but Christ will shine through me. This walk hasn’t been easy, but God has been faithful. Every day is a learning experience, and I am growing and learnings spiritually and physically. Surely God is faithful and He will never put to shame those who trust in Him.

A Testimony by Rachael Muasa

This is a sample testimony of a student who has benefitted from the JKW Scholarship fund, a precursor of AMSHA, awarded through Daystar University.

“I was born 24 years ago in the Rift Valley, as the first child to Benjamin and Susan Muli. I have two brothers, 21 and 10 years old respectively and a 13 year old sister.

As a child, I have grown up in different parts of the country; Eldoret, Lodwar, Meru, Nairobi and now Kiserian.

There have been several events that I strongly believe God worked together for my good. In the year 2000, I was involved in a hit and run accident where I survived, but little did I know that God used this accident to get my attention.

Although I was bred in a Christian environment, this incident was quickly forgotten and I did not respond to His call of love.

I cannot talk about my walk with Christ without mentioning Daystar University, which has played a significant role in my spiritual journey towards perfections in Christ Jesus.

In my last term of my second year in Tala Girls’ Secondary School, a group of students from Daystar University, in Athi River Campus, were invited to evangelize the Gospel during a weekend challenge.

I had grown up in the Church and I thought I had a relationship with Christ but the experience I had with God, at that specific time, drew out of me a response to the altar call made out to us.

Looking back, that accepting Christ into my life opened up a reservoir of love for Daystar was undeniable. I believe God reached out to me through Daystar and that He wanted to reach out to the other people through Daystar.

I desired to join the University after completing my high school education and I applied to go to college, where I took a diploma in Mass Communication at Shang Tao Media Arts College, which I completed in two years.

My cousin, who was in Daystar invited me for his graduation ceremony and encouraged me to apply for a degree course at Daystar University.

Before joining college, I made a, asking God to let me be in an institution that embraced Christianity and Communication, with a concentration on Public Relations.

I love to interact with people one-on-one, which I think is a powerful way to even touch lives.

With successful admission, in August 2007, I started my course work in Public Relations with a minor in Integrated Community Development.

My parents, who both worked for Telkom Kenya, were retrenched after the company was privatized in early 2007.

This situation changed our way of life and it has continued to become difficult owing to the economic crunch that has hit the world, far and wide.

With one of my siblings attending local university, it has become increasingly difficult to even get the basic needs.

In all these things, God has taught me to depend and trust on Him rather than on my own understanding.

As I totally depend on Him, He has worked wonders in my life through Daystar, which has paid KES 52,000 for my school fees in August 2011 semester. This scholarship came in at a time where my mother was ill and in dire need of surgery.

Indeed, all things work together for the good of those that love the Lord.

God has also placed in me the gift of music, which has been greatly nurtured in Daystar. I play various instruments which are the piano, guitar, bass, drums and violin.

I thank God so much because my musical gift has opened up so many opportunities for interaction. I joined the university’s singing group AFRIZO, and later in 2009, I was a part of a group of 8 students that took a scholarship fundraising tour in the United States on behalf of the University

Being an ambassador not only for Daystar, Kenya, but also for Christ was a challenge as we toured because we were daily faced with circumstances that manifested more of our flesh than the Spirit.

Following Christ has not been an easy walk; my flesh is constantly at war with my spirituality and wonderful people, who have a deep sense of commitment towards building up of the Kingdom.

Every day is a learning experience and my life is gradually becoming bright and beautiful as He continues to reveal Himself in new ways.

Great is His faithfulness and mercies toward me.

I have also extended my service in African Inland Church Kiserian, where I have been a member for 7 years now, serving in the Praise and Worship department.

The grace of God is sufficient in every situation and we are looking forward to improving our church not just in action but also in faith and growth of the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I sincerely thank those who gave towards the scholarship as I’m now done with my undergraduate studies and hopefully await graduation.

I’m currently working as a Customer Care Executive for a mobile service provider (Orange).

In everything that I do, I aspire to be the salt and light of the world that God has asked us to be. In a world that goes totally against the laws of the Lord, we are called as Christians not just to preach a sermon on the pulpit but to live out that sermon.

As a young person, the pressure is even greater to conform to the standards of the world but I have chosen to stand with Romans 12; not to conform to the patterns of this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of my mind.

I am confident that “He who began a good work in me will carry it on to completion until the day of Jesus Christ.”

Name: Rachel Muasa

Degree: Communication
(Public Relations Major & Community Development Minor)

Nationality: Kenyan